Course ID CDI020150748
Course Title Hong Kong Biennial Gifted Education Conference 2014
Organising Division Curriculum Development Institute
First Issue Date and Time 2014/09/29 16:33
Latest Issue Date and Time 2014/12/02 15:07
 Event (ID)   Date   No. of Event Days   Venue   Speaker(s) / Facilitator(s)   Max. no. of participants 
 AA    2014/12/04 (Thu) - 2014/12/05 (Fri)     1.5    WB (Lecture Theatre), 4/F., West Block, EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre, 19 Suffolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon.    EDB representatives, HKAGE representatives, principals and experienced teachers    440 
 Event (ID)   Closing date for   Remark 
 Applicant   Recommending / Approving Officer 
 AA   2014/11/30   2014/12/01   1. The conference lasts for 1.5 days (from 2:00pm to 5:00pm on Day 1, 2014/12/04 and from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Day 2, 2014/12/05.) 2. For nomination exceeding 10 teachers per school, school heads please send email to for special applications.  
Participant Group School heads, panel chairpersons and teachers of secondary / primary schools, especially personnel involved in coordinating / planning school-based gifted education. 
Background The theme of this Conference is: ‘Hong Kong Needs Talents, Talents Need Us’. It aims to enhance awareness of education provisions for the gifted and also encourage professional exchange amongst school heads, teachers and other school personnel to further promote the notion of “gifted education for all”.  
Objective(s) 1. To introduce the various examples of provision for the gifted through both school-based and off-site programmes 2. To introduce various features of a quality gifted education programme with the focus on creativity, critical thinking and personal and social competence 3. To introduce best practices of differentiation for gifted learners in regular classrooms across various disciplines and grade levels 4. To demonstrate the possible means of catering for the cognitive, social and emotional needs of the gifted through the adoption of various curriculum designs  
Programme Description Please refer to the programme schedule attached 
Language Medium Please refer to the programme schedule attached  
CPD Elements for Principal
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 11.0   Hour(s)
Core Areas of Leadership: II. Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
CPD Elements for Teacher
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 11.0   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: I. Teaching & Learning
CPD Elements for EDB Non-teaching Education Professionals (NTEPs)
CPD Mode: Structured Learning Activities
CPD Hours: 11.0   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: II. Learning & Teaching
Content Area Gifted Education (NSS)
Attendance required for successful completion 100 %  Training & development data will be revealed in Teacher's Personal Profile in e-Services Portal upon successful completion.
Enrolment Method: Web enrolment
Number of Nominees from Each School/Unit: 10
Requiring School Priority: No
Maximum No. of Event(s) selectable: 1
First-Come, First-Served: Yes
Evaluation Paper evaluation  
Contact Person(s): Mr Thomas NG Chi-fai
(Gifted Education Section)
Enquiry Telephone No: 3698 3481
Email Address:
Remarks 1. ALL on-line applications should be nominated and approved by the school authority. Prior application is required and walk-ins will NOT be entertained.

2. Applicants please check the enrollment results via their email accounts on the e-services Portal.

3. In case of over-subscription, priority will be given to those school nominees who are responsible for planning/ coordinating school-based gifted development programmes.

4. The Gifted Education Section reserves the right to reject those applications without submitting sufficient data.

5. Special Arrangements for Bad Weather
a. In case of tropical cyclones or persistent rain affecting the safety of participants, EDB and HKAGE will announce the cancellation of conference before 6:15 a.m. for morning session and before 11:00 a.m. for afternoon sessions.
b. Participants will be notified for further arrangement in due course.

6. Car Park Arrangement
No car parks will be provided at venue.

7. The programme will be video-taped and the footage may be used for other educational purposes.

8. All information in this application would be shared between the Education Bureau and The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education for statistical purposes.
Certificate to be Awarded
Name of Certificate: Certificate of Attendance for Hong Kong Biennial Gifted Education Conference 2014
Remarks :
Attachment(s) BGEC2014-Programme-Schedule-Eng(20140930).pdf 
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