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Course Title Constitution and the Basic Law Seminar Series: (1) Introduction to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (New)
Organising Division Curriculum Development Institute
First Issue Date and Time 2019/05/06 16:18
Latest Issue Date and Time 2019/05/27 11:46
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 AA    2019/05/29 (Wed)    15:00 - 17:15    2.5    Lecture Hall, G/F, Hong Kong Museum of History, 100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon   Dr. LEE Hoey, Simon, Member of the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee and Convenor of its Working Group on Teachers and Students   130 
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 AA   1   2019/05/27   2019/05/28    
Participant Group Principals and teachers of Primary, Secondary and Special Schools; in particular coordinators and teachers of Moral and Civic Education, General Studies for Primary Schools, Personal, Social and Humanities Education Key Learning Area and Liberal Studies of secondary schools. Teaching assistants and assistant teachers are also welcome.  

The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (Constitution) and the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (Basic Law) form the constitutional basis of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The Basic Law is a constitutional document for the HKSAR. It enshrines within a legal document the important concepts of "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy. It also prescribes the various systems to be practised in the HKSAR. The Basic Law is related closely to our daily lives.

The Education Bureau (EDB) and schools have always attached great importance to the promotion of Basic Law education as their regular, on-going task. The EDB will continue to adopt diversified strategies and ways to enrich students' learning experiences (including Mainland exchange programmes, service learning), which can be organically integrated with the curriculum, in order to facilitate students' understanding of the Basic Law and its application in daily life. The EDB also encourages schools to organise interesting and meaningful learning activities to help students understand the relationship between the Constitution and the Basic Law from different perspectives (including economic, historical, political and legal), as well as the implementation of the Basic Law.

Objective(s) The seminar aims to introduce a brief history of the Constitution and to facilitate participants’ understanding of the state system, the fundamental rights and duties of citizens, the political system and the legal system as prescribed in the Constitution. 
Language Medium Cantonese  
CPD Elements for Principal
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 2.5   Hour(s)
Core Areas of Leadership: II. Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
CPD Elements for Teacher
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 2.5   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: I. Teaching & Learning
CPD Elements for EDB Non-teaching Education Professionals (NTEPs)
CPD Mode: Structured Learning Activities
CPD Hours: 2.5   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: II. Learning & Teaching
Content Area Curriculum Development & Implementation (V)

This course includes learning element on Basic Law (no. of learning hours: 2.5 hours)

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