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Course ID CDI020201003
Course Title STEM Education Enriching Knowledge Series: Mathematical and Statistical Modelling in Public Health Using Genetic Data (New)
Organising Division Curriculum Development Institute
First Issue Date and Time 2020/05/12 18:04
Latest Issue Date and Time 2020/05/28 15:17
 Event (ID)   Session   Date   Time   No. of Hours   Venue   Speaker(s) / Facilitator(s)   Max. no. of participants 
  2020/06/26 (Fri)    14:30 - 17:00    2.5    Hong Kong Space Museum Lecture Hall   Dr Tommy Tsan-Yuk Lam,
Assistant Professor of School of Public Health
The University of Hong Kong 
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 1   2020/06/19   2020/06/20   This is a new course. 
Participant Group Finance Type: ALL
Participant: TEACHERS 
Background To support the implementation of STEM education in schools, a series of STEM related professional development programmes is being organised for teachers. Major components of the professional development programmes to be provided are: (A) Learning, Teaching and Assessment; (B) Enriching Knowledge; and (C) Curriculum Planning. This course belongs to the component of 'Enriching Knowledge'.
Mathematics and its applications pervade all aspects of life in the modern world. Many of the developments and decisions made in various disciplines rely on the use of mathematics. Thus the provision of opportunity for students to solve real-life problems mathematically can enrich students’ understanding of the use of mathematics in different disciplines which will facilitate the promotion of STEM education.
For this reason, the Mathematics Education Section and the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge Committee (Zhonghua) co-organise this seminar on some real-life applications of mathematics to enhance teachers’ capacity to design the learning and teaching activities for students to integrate and apply knowledge and skills learned in mathematics to solve problems in real life.  
Objective(s) Genetic data have provided new directions to understand the diseases for better public health protection. However, the complexity of genetic data poses challenges for appropriate and thorough analysis. In the seminar, the speaker will introduce some usages of mathematical and statistical modelling on the genetic data for understanding disease mechanisms, particularly focus on the infectious disease investigation. Application to the study of COVID-19 outbreak will be covered.  
Language Medium Cantonese Supplemented with English  
CPD Elements for Principal
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 3.0   Hour(s)
Core Areas of Leadership: I. Strategic Directions & Policy Environment
CPD Elements for Teacher
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 3.0   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: I. Teaching & Learning
CPD Elements for EDB Non-teaching Education Professionals (NTEPs)
CPD Mode: Structured Learning Activities
CPD Hours: 3.0   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: I. Curriculum Development
Content Area Subject Knowledge & Pedagogy/Learning & Teaching (V)
Attendance required for successful completion 100 %  Training & development data will be revealed in Teacher's Personal Profile in e-Services Portal (for e-Services Teacher account holders only) upon successful completion.
Enrolment Method: Web enrolment
Requiring School Priority: No
Maximum No. of Event(s) selectable: 1
First-Come, First-Served: Yes
Evaluation Paper evaluation  
Contact Person(s): Ms LAW Siu-yau, Mr CHEUNG Tsz-wai
Enquiry Telephone No: 2153 7420, 2153 7470
Email Address:,
Remarks 1. This course is also under STEM Education Enriching Knowledge Series.
2. Being late or early leave for more than 30 minutes without prior consent will not be counted as achieving 100% attendance.
3. Acceptance or rejection will be notified through the e-Services Portal account.
4. In case of over-subscription, priority will be given to teachers who ranked first in the nominations from their schools.
5. Special Arrangements for Bad Weather
a. Course / Activity for morning session will be cancelled when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above is hoisted or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued at or after 6:30 am.
b. Course / Activity for afternoon session will be resumed when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is cancelled at or before 11:30 am. Otherwise, Course / Activity for afternoon session will continue to be cancelled.
c. Participants will be notified of further arrangement in due course.
6. Car Park Arrangement
No car parks will be provided at venue.
7.Participants please make reference to the “Health Advice to School for the Prevention of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) (Interim)” issued by Centre for Health Protection to take up the precaution measures. For the sake of health of all participants, please wear a face mask during the seminar.  
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