Course ID EI0020130339
Course Title Using GeoGebra 4 in Learning and Teaching of Primary Mathematics (Rerun)
Organising Division Education Infrastructure Division
First Issue Date and Time 2013/12/06 12:31
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 AA    2014/01/06 (Mon)    14:00 - 17:00    3.0    E418, EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre
19 Suffolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon. 
 Mr. Or Chi-Ming
EI Division of EDB  
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 AA   1   2013/12/30   2013/12/31    
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Subject/Function: MATHEMATICS

Background The workshop is jointly organized by Education Infrastructure Division of EDB and the GeoGebra Institute of Hong Kong (GIHK). GIHK is a non-profit making professional community established by a group of teachers, scholars and educators in Hong Kong and is hosted in Hong Kong Baptist University. It aims at supporting Hong Kong teachers to use GeoGebra, a powerful and easy-to-use dynamic geometry freeware, to enhance learning and teaching of Mathematics, through organizing training activities, providing sharing websites and conducting collaborative studies.  
Objective(s) The workshop aims to share with secondary mathematics teachers the use of GeoGebra 4 in drawing figures and enhancing the pedagogical design. Participants will have hands-on experience on using the features of GeoGebra 4 to draw figures and develop learning and teaching materials.  
Programme Description 1400 – 1405 Registration
1405 – 1430 Exemplars of GeoGebra Tasks from Web-based Learning and Teaching Support of EDB
1430 – 1520 Using GeoGebra 4 to draw figures and graphs
1520 – 1530 Break
1530 – 1700 Using GeoGebra 4 to develop learning and teaching tasks  
Language Medium Cantonese Supplemented with English  
CPD Elements for Teacher
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 3.0   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: I. Teaching & Learning
Content Area Information Technology and e-Learning (IT)
Attendance required for successful completion 100 %  Training & development data will be revealed in Teacher's Personal Profile in e-Services Portal (for e-Services Teacher account holders only) upon successful completion.
Enrolment Method: Web enrolment
Requiring School Priority: No
Maximum No. of Event(s) selectable: 1
First-Come, First-Served: No
Evaluation Paper evaluation  
Contact Person(s): Ms Cherie Ching
Enquiry Telephone No: 2123 6079
Email Address:
Remarks 1. Special Arrangements for Bad Weather
a. Course / Activity for morning session will be cancelled when Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued at or after 6:30 am.
b. Course / Activity for afternoon session will be resumed when Typhoon Signal No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is cancelled at or before 11:30 am. Otherwise, Course / Activity for afternoon session will continue to be cancelled.
c. Participants will be notified for further arrangement in due course.
2. Car Park Arrangement
No car parks will be provided at venue.  
Co-organiser GeoGebra Institute of Hong Kong
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