Course ID EI0020190150
Course Title IT in Education Pedagogical Series: Using Smartphone to Create Videos for Flipped Classroom (Online Self-learning Course, 2018/19 School Year Intake 1)
Organising Division Education Infrastructure Division
First Issue Date and Time 2019/03/14 11:03
Latest Issue Date and Time 2019/05/10 16:48
 Event (ID)   Date   No. of Event Days   Venue   Speaker(s) / Facilitator(s)   Max. no. of participants 
  2019/04/15 (Mon) - 2019/06/14 (Fri)     0.5    Online mode   Online mode   100 
 Event (ID)   Closing date for   Remark 
 Applicant   Recommending / Approving Officer 
 2019/03/26   2019/03/27   This is a new programme.
The content of this online course is derived from the video at “Go e-Learning” of HKEdCity.  
Participant Group All teachers in primary and secondary schools 
Background To provide more flexibility to teachers in attending the professional development programmes on IT in education, the EDB is offering related online courses from the 2018/19 school year for teachers to undertake self-learning of the courses beyond the confines of time and space.  
Objective(s) This course aims at introducing some simple ways to create videos for flipped classroom. 
Programme Description 1. Using Explain Everything, Microsoft PowerPoint, Screencast-O-matic, smartphone, light board and iOS built-in “screen recording” function for creating videos;
2. Using iMovie and Clips for basic movie editing; and
3. Effective skills in using various video shooting accessories.  
Language Medium Cantonese  
CPD Elements for Principal
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 2.0   Hour(s)
Core Areas of Leadership: II. Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
CPD Elements for Teacher
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 2.0   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: I. Teaching & Learning
Content Area Information Technology in Education (V)
Attendance required for successful completion 100 %  Training & development data will be revealed in Teacher's Personal Profile in e-Services Portal upon successful completion.
Enrolment Method: Web enrolment
Number of Nominees from Each School/Unit: 5
Requiring School Priority: Yes
Maximum No. of Event(s) selectable: 1
First-Come, First-Served: Yes
Evaluation Paper evaluation  
Contact Person(s): (1) Enrolment: IT in Education Section / (2) Course Content: Mr NG Chi-fai
Enquiry Telephone No: (1) 3698 3579 / (2) 3698 3610
Email Address: (1) / (2)
Remarks 1. Prior application via Training Calendar System (TCS) is required for access to the course materials.

2. Heads of schools are requested to endorse the online application by the closing date. Nominations will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis whereas considerations will also be given to allow more schools to participate.

3. Please note that the above online training course is hosted at the Virtual Learning Environment of Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity). Participants should provide a valid HKEdCity account name in the enrolment of the course. Participants could refer to the attached information to check and confirm the validity of the account before submitting it to the EDB. Please call 2624 1000 for any enquiry related to the HKEdCity account.

4. Admitted applicants and the respective school heads will be notified through TCS at least 7 days before respective event commencement. An email with the URL of the platform and the brief introduction of the online course will be sent to the email address given by participants.

5. Participants are expected to complete the online course during the period from 15 April to 14 June 2019. Participants are required to follow the instructions as stated on the online platform, including watching the video clips and completing all the questions. Participants should answer correctly at least half of the questions for course completion.

6. Participants are recommended to update their email addresses on TCS to their most commonly used email accounts to facilitate communication.  
Attachment(s) Verifying the HKEdCity account.pdf