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Course Title Leadership Development Programme for Middle Leaders of Primary Schools
Organising Division Professional Development and Training Division
First Issue Date and Time 2018/11/16 10:47
Latest Issue Date and Time 2018/11/16 10:47
 Event (ID)   Date   No. of Event Days   Venue   Speaker(s) / Facilitator(s)   Max. no. of participants 
  2019/01/24 (Thu) - 2019/05/16 (Thu)     15.0    Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy   Speakers assigned by Hong Kong Baptist University   36 
  2019/01/25 (Fri) - 2019/05/24 (Fri)     15.0    Hong Kong Baptist University   Speakers assigned by Hong Kong Baptist University   36 
  2019/01/26 (Sat) - 2019/05/18 (Sat)     15.0    Hong Kong Baptist University    Speakers assigned by Hong Kong Baptist University   36 
 Event (ID)   Closing date for   Remark 
 Applicant   Recommending / Approving Officer 
 2018/12/13   2018/12/14   Class on Thursday evenings (6:30pm-9:30pm) 
 2018/12/13   2018/12/14   Class on Friday evenings (6:30pm-9:30pm) 
 2018/12/13   2018/12/14   Class on Saturday afternoons (2:00pm-5:00pm) 
Participant Group Deputy heads and senior teachers of primary schools 
Background Researches across the world show that middle leaders play a pivotal role in fostering school development and reform. With effect from the 1991/92 school year, a Principal Graduate Master/Mistress (PGM) rank has been created in the local public sector schools. Since 1994/95 and 2008/09 school years, a Primary School Master/Mistress (PSM) grade and a Senior Primary School Master/Mistress (SPSM) rank for deputy heads have been created respectively. The above policies reflect the recognition of the positions and responsibilities of deputy heads and middle leaders in the school administrative structure. The transition of teachers from teaching to middle management cannot just rely on the accumulation and exchange of experience in schools. Blanford (2000) stresses the need for providing middle managers with further training opportunities. All along, the Education Bureau and tertiary institutions have provided school middle leaders with various courses and workshops, aiming at equipping them with the knowledge and skills to implement various education policies effectively. The conceptual framework of this programme is based on the understanding and commitment of middle leaders in the overall development of school education. Through this programme, their concepts, knowledge and skills in school leadership and management as well as their competence in communication, time management and stress management will be enhanced. Subsequently, the quality of school education will be guaranteed through the concept and practice of a learning community. 
Objective(s) This programme aims at 1. enhancing primary school middle leaders’ knowledge of the latest developments in school education; 2. developing their knowledge and skills in school leadership and management; 3. enhancing their understanding of their leadership roles in the school; 4. strengthening their reflective ability for increased efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of school plans and policies; 5. enhancing their communication skills and strategies to interact with different stakeholders.  
Programme Description The programme consists of 15 three-hour sessions. The programme will be conducted mainly in the modes of lectures, workshops and action research that includes an oral presentation. There will be two school visits in the programme, aiming to provide practical exemplars of middle leadership in school. The school visits will be conducted in the afternoon of a school day. Participants can join the school visits on a voluntary basis. Participants will be divided into groups according to their roles and school duties under 3 categories: (1) curriculum development, (2) student development, and (3) school administration and staff development. 
Language Medium Cantonese (mainly) and English  
CPD Elements for Teacher
CPD Mode: Structured Learning
CPD Hours: 45.0   Hour(s)
CPD Domain: III. School Development
IV. Professional Relationships & Services
V. Personal Growth & Development
Content Area School Administration & Management (V)
Attendance required for successful completion 80 %  Training & development data will be revealed in Teacher's Personal Profile in e-Services Portal upon successful completion.
Enrolment Method: Web enrolment
Requiring School Priority: Yes
Maximum No. of Event(s) selectable: 1
First-Come, First-Served: No
Other Enrolment Details: 1. Acceptance or rejection will be notified through email on or before 16.01.2019. Please update your email address and mobile telephone number to receive notification of acceptance.
2. The time-table of the programme is attached for reference.
Evaluation Paper evaluation  
Contact Person(s): Ms LUK (Hong Kong Baptist University); Ms LAM (Education Bureau)
Enquiry Telephone No: 3411 7721(HKBU); 3509 7580(EDB)
Email Address:,
Remarks 1. This is a recognized training programme on school management for promotion of Primary School Master/Mistress (PSM) to Senior Primary School Master/Mistress (SPSM)
2. Special Arrangements for Bad Weather: Please refer to the Student Handbook of the Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy.
3. Car Park Arrangement: No car parks will be provided at venue
Certificate to be Awarded
Name of Certificate: Certificate of Attendance (The participants are required to attend no less than 80% of the programme and MUST complete the Action Research presentation satisfactorily in order to be awarded the Certificate of Atttendance)
Remarks :
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