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2018/07/09 CDI020181243 1 "Programme on Planning Life Education in Primary Schools" in the 2018/19 school year The maximum number of participating primary schools is 30. 4 places are allocated for each school. Target participants include School Heads, Deputy Heads, Panel Heads and teachers who are responsible for the implementation of Life Education in schools. 2018/09/30
2018/07/09 ADM020180010
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1 壓力管理工作坊 -「處變不驚」- 領導團隊迎接教學變革 (半天課程) (Full) 資助種類: 全部

教學程度: 小學, 中學及 特殊教育

科目/功能: 全部

職位: 副校長, 科主任及 校長